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Room - Emma Donoghue

<b>Room</b> by Emma Donaghue started &#9738; finished in print


Jack is turning five in Room, where he lives with Ma. Room is his entire world, although he sees things that exist only in TV. Through his birthday and the next few days, we learn, although Jack, the narrator, doesn't realize it, Room is a prison where he and Ma are kept. Ma is sometimes visited in the night by someone Jack has dubbed Old Nick, although Ma only refers to Old Nick as him. During these times, Jack is supposed to be asleep in Wardrobe. But slowly Ma reveals that Room isn't really the whole world, and Jack is about to find out just how big that world is when they plan their great escape.

Poignant, laced with the humour of viewing the world through a five year old's eyes, we see this story unfold. It is well told and gripping, so I am giving it four stars. It's hard not to empathize with Jack and Ma.